Cloaked 3TB Drives

Several leading tech sites are reporting the arrival of an external 3TB drive from Seagate in the form of an updated FreeAgent GoFlex product line.

Whats been unclear until today is what lies beneath the sleek black cloak, a single 3TB drive, or 2 1.5TB drives bundled together. However the following from TheRegister seems to confirm the unit makes use of an as yet unreleased 3TB seagate hard drive.

“Inside the black case is a single 3.5-inch drive about which Seagate is saying exactly nothing. We think it is an unannounced Barracuda or Constellation 7200rpm unit with four platters.

This would mean that each platter holds 750GB — a record in 3.5-inch drive land — and would use a fifth-generation perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology and have an areal density above 500Gbit/in2. Existing Barracudas and Constellations use fourth-generation PMR with a 330-350Gbit/in2 areal density.”

More details on The Register Website