EDF EcoManager

When the following popped up on twitter from @netcompsys

Who makes the EcoManager for EDF, anyone know?

It made me wonder, first to find out what an EcoManager from EDF looks like, well here it is

Nothing much there to give any indication of the heritage of the EcoManager, click on more to find out what we think.So reading the EcoManager details page at EDF gives a few more details, including the fact that you can add plug in monitors

EcoManager can accommodate up to 14 transmitter plugs enabling you to manage the running cost of even more electrical items in your home. Additional plugs are available

So lets take a look at what these additional plugin modules look like

I’m sure this will look familiar to some. More details from EDF

Still not 100% sure, google images provided the proof I was looking for.

I’d seen that 1980’s looking calculator before when an image of possible product prototypes appeared on the web.

I think it’s safe to say that EDF’s EcoManager comes from a thoroughbred stable for energy monitoring in the home. Yes, the EDF EcoManager is a currentcost device.

Of course, questions still to be answered:

  • Is there a PC data out connection, RS232, USB, or even Ethernet
  • Do the Appliance Units really work

Hopefully we’ll get some answers to these questions soon, and report back.