Arduino Ethernet

It’s been a busy few day in the arduino world, with the release of 2 new arduino products, and 2 versions of the arduino IDE.

Earlier in the month, in a post on the arduino blog “Dinners Ready” more information about an ethernet arduino came to light.

An Arduino Board with integrated Ethernet interface and micro-sd connector has been in the works for a while.
We have incorporated some of the feedback we got from the last ethernet shield and have created a new bootloader that lets you upload code to the board via TFTP and discover them on the network via a broadcast protocol. This board can be powered over the ethernet cable through an optional PoE power supply module that’s standards compliant.

More details were provided in the Maker Faire Keynote presentation, see below.

“State of Arduino” talk at World Maker Faire 2010 from adafruit industries on Vimeo.

This included a fuzzy picture

Nothing too clear to see there.

After a bit of detective work by the Hotzone Team a better picture was located, see more after the break.Well here it is, still a prototype, but in this one the POE module can be clearly seen in situ.

This basically combines the arduino & ethernet shield, to put both the ATMega 328, and Wiznet 5100 ethernet on a single board with the required ethernet connector, magnetics, and location of POE module.

A bit of a development from the previous version that was first seen about 2 years ago

No details yet on when we’ll be able to get the arduino ethernet, but as soon as a date’s announced we’ll let you know.