Latest CurrentCost Products

With CurrentCost exhibiting at CES over in Las Vegas.

We’ve been able to find out some more information on upcoming products.


The EMC² whilst’also’providing individual home appliance energy monitoring, the EMC² also enables its customers to control the on/off’switch of’multiple appliances’all in one place. Pictured below.

Optical Meter Reader

Optical Meter readers will be available in multiple versions, that will allow reading of Electricity, Gas, Oil and Water usage. You’ll need to be using the latest EnviR or EnviRW display units to make use of these meter readers.

Senseable Transmitter

This new slimmed down transmitter from CurrentCost is compatible with existing display units (so no need for any upgrades).

It brings the ability to set the voltage of the supply to allow more accurate measurement of the power being used.

It also comes with  a ‘multi add’ display feature to allow easy installation of addition displays around the home.

CurrentCost products are available through the CurrentCost Amazon Store