Un-Reasonable Postage Charges.

With more of us making purchases on-line, many of us are now being hit with postage charges that are disproportionate to the actual costs of postage incurred by e-tailors.

Imagine my surprise when having selected 3 items at a new on-line retailer, 2 of which are smaller than a match box, the remaining item being about the size of a pack of cards. I happily supply my details, click thru to select my chosen shipping method and am presented with the following options.


A quick check of Royal Mails site, and £5.67 next-day tracked would post a package 1-1.25Kg in weight to anywhere in the UK, £6.54 0.5Kg Special Delivery by 1pm the next day, £8.95 2-4Kg standard first class postage.

This on-line shop actually listed the weights of the three items as

  • 30 grams
  • 4.2 grams
  • 50 grams

Making a total of  85 grams plus packaging materials. Lets be kind, and say total package weight is 225 grams, and is no bigger than 35cm x 25cm x 20 cm (Large Letter in RM speak) this would imply the following postage charges

  • 1st Class    £.190
  • Signed For  £1.86
  • Special Delivery Next day 1pm £5.90
  • Standard Parcels  £4.41

Nothing like the quoted prices, yes I appreciate that there is the actual cost of packaging, and the effort in actually packaging them. But there’s no reason why the ACTUAL postage price can’t be more transparent.

UPDATE: Changing the contents of my basket to the smallest and lightest item just 4.2 grams I now get the following postage.

  • 1st Class £3.00
  • Next Day Tracked £6.00
  • Special Delivery £7.28

I should add that on both occasions my cart value was <£30 so no need for additional insurance on RM’s standard offerings.